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she was gone, gone

25 May

If you have ever read a single one of my blog posts, thank you. Without your support, I probably would not be writing this one. Hats off to Professor Mac for encouraging Elon students to blog.

This summer, I am transforming my blog. As I begin my journey as an intern at Richard Petty Motorsports, I think I am going to switch gears (NASCAR pun intended) and direct my posts more towards what’s going on in the racing world, and me! 🙂 Here goes nothing.

I think this will be good for me. I am at the brink of uncharted territory right now. Here I am 21 years old, about to take my first big step in the big girl world.  To make this short and sweet, here is a snapshot of what I have learned throughout my third year of college.

  1. Chase would be SO proud of me. I owe it all to you. Building my work ethic at such an early age so I could set the vest best example for my sweet baby brother.
  2. “Customer relationships and added value.” – Professor Randy Moser at Elon University. The backbone and foundation for my marketing education. Thank you, Professor Moser.
  3. Inbound marketing is the new jam; but don’t count outbound marketing out of the equation either.
  4. Taking derivatives in calculus is actually fun, and I am good at math.


Gatsby        5.   Life is moving a whole lot quicker than you think. Don’t get left behind.