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Distance Makes The Heart…You Fill In the Blank

11 Jul

One month ago, I put on my big girl pants, packed up, and moved to Concord, North Carolina where I know absolutely no one. Granted, this will [hopefully] all be worth it, because I am gaining valuable working experience and getting a real taste of the working world. But, (there’s always a but) I have never been on my iPhone so much in my entire life. Why? Communication.


Photo Credit: PhotoPin

According to the Fast Company article by Raeann Fera, Skype Bridges the Gap Between the Virtual and the Real With “Stay Together” Campaign, the campaign was launched by Periera &O’Dell in conjunction with Skype to tell the stories of three (3) divided families. Over 300 videos have been submitted to demonstrate how each person uses Skype to connect with others. The campaign just launched last week and is set to end on July 22nd.

Sounds familiar, right? What makes this campaign different is that working with photographer, John Clang, Periera & O’Dell has created three real- size family portraits by using a Skype projection. Others have submitted their videos for the contest this way too! The Skype screen projected on the wall creates a ‘real-life’ look and feel. It makes all the difference, Skyping in not only real-time, but also real-size. How cool.

On July 22nd, the winner of the contest will be presented with a $10,000 voucher from United Airlines to visit his or her loved ones. That is truly bringing Skype to life.